The 1 day Bushcraft course is the perfect first step on your journey into the wilder world. The course has been designed to provide an introduction to the Tools, techniques and potentially life-saving, practical and enjoyable skills of Bushcraft. How to improvise and safely use bush tools, inc a Knife. Seven ways to create fire without matches or a lighter. Fire lays, management and safety. How to construct an emergency shelter using natural and man made materials. Water procurement and purification. How to cook over a fire safely and effectively. Basic plant identification for food (Taste and Nutrition). Natural navigation, and many other skills.
2 Day Course: This is Day 1 plus:
There are evening tutorials eg; Astral-navigation, Improvisation, followed by a nutritious tasty fireside meal (Transylvanian Tokarne), before retiring to sleep. Day two starts early with a bush brekkie and shelters adapted for the day. More tutorials and "hands-on" practicals and improvisation sessions next, including fire craft practice, camp craft, dew collection, bush coffee, and much more…
Bushcraft 1 day = Members £50. Non-members £75.
Bushcraft 2 day = Members £100. Non-members £125.
Bushcraft 3 day = Members £150. Non-members £175.
1, 2 or 3 day courses are avaliable at a remote location in North Wales, UK.
The Bushcraft courses are relaxed and not physically challenging.
3 Day Course: This is Day 1 & 2 plus:
Tracking and Counter-tracking tuition with practical exercises. Everyone will be ready for a “fireside” bush brunch before the Hunting and Trapping tuition with many practical exercises.
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