Basic Survival ~ BASUR
4 day Basic Survival course.
"Anyone can learn Bushcraft and Survival techniques from a manual. However, learning the lines for a play from a book is wholly different from the actual performance, where physical motion and action is required, whilst simultaneously under a degree of pressure to get it right." SWMcG
The Bushcraft and Survival courses take place at Crogen (N Wales UK) and the Pathwalker Sanctuary in Transylvania.
BASUR = Members 250.00 Non-members 350.00
          ** group of 4 minimum.
The Pathwalker Survival courses are both physically and mentally.
At least two nights will be spent under the stars in a shelter you or your team have built. You will drink water you have found, filtered and purified. Eat wild plants you have found, identified, tested and cooked; react to staged emergencies and take correct action (shelter, stretcher, fire, signals and general emergency procedures.)
You will navigate using the Sun, Stars and Moon. Improvise weaponry and tools, memorise international signals. You may be the one to skin, gut, clean and cook a wild animal. You will become adept at lighting fires without the benefit of matches, and much more!
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